Photo by Rachel Gist

The Game Band is a video game studio based in Los Angeles. We aim to inspire hearts and minds with games about the tension and beauty in everyday life. 
                We're currently working on Where Cards Fall with Snowman.


An Update on Where Cards Fall


When we first announced Where Cards Fall, I talked about how the game is meant to feel like a bittersweet memory. By revisiting the past, we want to explore how we build our futures over many years.

For several of us at The Game Band, that’s quite literally the case. A core group of us began building this game when we were in college, and over time, we’ve come to realize that making Where Cards Fall has felt a lot like playing it.

We chose our cards. We put them together. We built a house. The house wasn’t quite right. We knocked it down. We started again.

When we teamed up with Snowman, we caught a glimpse of our dream house. So we took everything down to the studs and built a much stronger foundation. With all that said, it’s looking like we’ll need some more time to finish decorating.

Rest assured, the wait will be worth it. In the coming months, we’ll pull back the curtain on the novel game mechanic that anchors our storytelling, and offer more glimpses into Where Cards Fall’s dreamlike world.

Thank you for your support, and for your patience. I know delays have become a bit of a cliché in video games, but new ideas are hard to build properly on the first try. Sometimes you need to let your creation fall to see what it can become.


Sam Rosenthal
Creative Director