Introducing The Game Band

November 24th, 2015

I always wanted to be in a band. Although I played music throughout my entire life, I picked up guitar a little too late, and my violin’s delicate tones never got along with the ones that spilled from my headphones.

Every night, I still set aside time to put those headphones on and let my favorite bands take over my ears. The ones that stay in my usual rotation are always the most unusual; endlessly changing and evolving their style, while tightening their grip on a single spirit.

After years of admiring bands from afar, I finally have one to call my own. The Game Band isn’t made up of musicians, but of designers, programmers, artists and other inspiring individuals. We are a band nonetheless – small, opinionated, and unafraid to explore new territory. Like music, our work will never require a handbook, and welcomes anyone with ears to listen.

Bands love to sing together, and we are excited to join voices with Snowman, the creators of the marvelous Alto’s Adventure, on our first project. Ryan Cash, Snowman’s founder, reached out to me a few years ago after reading one of my interviews, and we each passed along our works in progress. The one he showed me became a smash hit on the App Store, and the one I showed him became the project we are now working on together.

While the energy is certainly building, our show doesn’t start for a little while. Give us a follow and we’ll let you know when the doors open.


The Game Band

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See you soon,

Sam Rosenthal
Creative Director